November Advisor Spotlight: Genna

Adult advisors help to run our Nexus, Umbrella, and WAGLY programs. They serve as meeting facilitators and role models, and they help to connect youth with our shared history and vibrant community.

This month we want you to introduce you to Genna, one of our Nexus facilitators! Read on to learn more about this Spanish-speaking clinician who loves to work with middle school youth.

Photo of person with short pink hair, wearing glasses and a floral shirt, looking into the camera

When did you start working with OUT MetroWest?


What’s the best part of working with LGBTQ youth?

Two best parts! First, they’re amazing, resilient, beautiful, and strong. And second, they are always teaching me new things and keeping my on my toes.

Who’s an LGBTQ+ celebrity you’d like to meet?

Janelle Monae

Tell us a fun or interesting fact about you.

I play roller derby with Boston Roller Derby!

We look forward to introducing you to more of the people you’ll meet at OUT MetroWest, so stay tuned!

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