To support organizations and individuals serving local LGBTQ+ youth, OUT MetroWest offers community education on topics related to sexual orientation and gender. Our presentations are available in-person and online and can be adapted to youth and adult audiences. We enjoy working with local organizations ranging from schools and congregations to community agencies and large corporations.

If your organization would like to schedule a training, we offer the following workshops:

  • Welcoming, Including, and Celebrating People of All Genders
  • LGBTQ+ Basics and Beyond

A typical training session is 90 minutes long, including ample time for Q&A. Participants leave each session with up-to-date vocabulary, answers to frequently asked questions, and improved tools for effective allyship. Our presentations accommodate organizations talking about LGBTQ+ topics for the first time and those prepared to take a deeper dive into the material.

The average cost for a workshop is $500, and trainings can be adapted to your organization’s unique requirements. We would be happy to schedule a free 15-minute phone conversation to discuss your needs and budget – you can schedule that conversation by contacting Whitney Retallic, executive director.

Please note that we also welcome opportunities to meet with school GSAs and similar youth groups; those visits are always free of charge and can be scheduled by emailing Whitney.

Additionally, several times throughout the year we offer free trainings that are open to the public. These LGBTQ+ 101 trainings are often more basic than our paid offerings but do include a helpful overview of LGBTQ+ topics. When we have LGBTQ+ 101 trainings scheduled, registration information will be included below.


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