We have LGBTQ+ youth covered – with YOUR support!

This past year, it hasn’t just rained; it’s poured. And though it has been one of the wettest years on record in Massachusetts, I’m not just talking about the weather–I’m talking about relentless attacks on the health, well-being, and mere existence of LGBTQ+ youth.

We are all aware of the incomprehensible number of national- and state-level policies aimed at limiting the rights of, and denying resources to, LGBTQ+ young people. It’s also HERE, in MetroWest: anti-LGBTQ candidates for school committee and other local boards, pressure on schools to remove OUT MetroWest from materials, LGBTQ+ book bans, and more.

We don’t know when this storm will end, but we know one thing: OUT MetroWest has LGBTQ+ youth covered. For over 13 years, OUT MetroWest has provided life-changing – and sometimes life-saving – support to local LGBTQ+ youth. We can only do this work with your support!

We and our youth have come to view OUT MetroWest as a metaphorical umbrella: providing protection from these storms. Recognizing that our transgender and nonbinary youth are particularly impacted, this year we’ve doubled the frequency of our program for trans and non-binary youth (coincidentally called Umbrella!).

With your gift today, you ensure that local LGBTQ+ youth don’t have to wait until the end of the storm for the rainbow. Donate NOW!

For helping us keep LGBTQ+ youth covered, we’ve got YOU covered. With a gift of $125 – or more! – you will receive an OUT MetroWest rainbow umbrella!

Whenever it rains, these umbrellas will be a reminder that, even in the storm, there are rainbows – and people, like you, who believe in the power and promise of LGBTQ+ youth.

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