24/7 Queer and Trans Support

OUT MetroWest’s mission is to build communities where LGBTQ+ youth thrive. We do this by offering educational, social, and supportive spaces for youth to connect with their peers and adult mentors. Thanks to a partnership with Wayside Youth & Family Support Network, we’re also able to provide on-site mental health clinicians at our drop-in, Umbrella, and WAGLY programs. These clinicians are present to assist with short-term safety planning and clinical referrals. No insurance is required for this free service.

But our programs aren’t available at all hours, every day. That’s why we wanted to share important contact info in this post. The Trevor Project and Trans Lifeline are dedicated to supporting LGBTQ+ people in crisis, including those considering suicide. They offer various ways for individuals to receive support 24 hours a day, 7 days a week: phone, online, and via text. If you’re struggling and need someone to listen and provide support, please reach out to them. Their services are free, and their focus is helping queer and trans people in crisis.


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