Coloring Sheets for MLK Day

As part of Natick’s 2021 MLK Day observance, OUT MetroWest is running a virtual activity room. One of our activities is coloring! We’ve made three coloring sheets featuring people who were close to Dr. Martin Luther King. Each of them made huge contributions to the LGBTQ+ community either as a member or as an ally. Please feel free to print these coloring sheets for your own use.

James Baldwin

Coretta Scott King

Bayard Rustin

(Please note: We gathered the information in the bios from various online sources, and the inspiration for the drawings came from photos we found on the web. We haven’t been able to identify the original photographer in each case so are linking to the photos here: Photo 1, Photo 2, Photo 3. If you know who took the inspiration photos, please let us know so we can credit them properly!)

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