Nexus in the New Year

Nexus is looking forward to an exciting 2017. We’ll continue to meet the second Wednesday of each month in Framingham and the fourth Wednesday of each month in Newton. Haven’t checked out Nexus yet and are wondering if it might be a good fit for you? Here’s what one parent said about her child’s Nexus experience:

From her first Nexus meeting, Erica has felt at home at OUT MetroWest. She has come out of her shell and truly loves everyone there. She’s made great friends, and I can’t tell you what a godsend it has been. To say it’s changed her life would be an understatement.  It’s a great thing as a parent to see your child truly happy: smiling, laughing, and confident in who she is. That’s what OUT MetroWest has done for us, and I don’t know where we would be without you.

If you have questions about Nexus, please feel free to call Director of Programs Courtney at 508-875-2122!

Nexus participants in Framingham

Nexus participants in Framingham

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