Racial Justice is an LGBTQ+ Issue

Our mission is to build communities where LGBTQ+ youth thrive, and working for racial justice is a necessary part of that commitment. Here is a note from our board chair, Donna Tambascio, followed by more information about how we are doing this critical work.

The pandemic has changed life for all of us; it has altered our plans, tested our resolve, and forced us to cope with many kinds of loss. At the same time, we are reckoning with police brutality and anti-Black injustice, simultaneously grieving and showing up for our neighbors. As we enter into Pride month amidst so much upheaval, I’m reflecting on the Stonewall Riots of 1969. The events at Stonewall changed the trajectory of the LGBTQ+ liberation movement, building on the sacrifices and gains of the Civil Rights Movement. Black lives matter and, as an organization with predominantly White leadership, we are aware that we need to be explicit about our anti-racism, mindful of our impact, and unwavering in our commitment to serving Black queer and transgender youth.


This work is ongoing. It happens in our youth groups, it happens in our staff meetings, and it happens at our events in the community. We recognize that our organizational values are a road map, and that our journey toward truly welcoming communities is guided by that map. Like any journey, there will be missed turns and speed bumps. We commit that missteps and miscalculations will be detours but not end points.

Each one of us can advance movements for justice. However you are showing up, we are glad to be on this path with you. We will be highlighting ways to get involved on our Facebook page; please consider joining us in these efforts. If you are interested in making a donation to advance the cause of racial justice, here are just a few of the organizations that our staff and board members have donated to recently:

This June and always, we remember that celebrations of Pride were borne of an uprising for justice, and we commit to letting that legacy inspire our work.

five photos in a grid (protestors, books, chalking)
Some recent staff and board actions

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