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Virtual Event for Gender Expansive Children

On Tuesday, December 29, we’re hosting a free virtual event for gender expansive children (ages preschool through Grade 5) and their families.

We’ve divided this event into two parts: the first for younger children, and the second for older children. Both segments will be facilitated by gender expansive adults and will feature gender-affirming books. Siblings are welcome, and you can attend whichever portion(s) works best for your family:

10-10:45 – Pre-K through 1st Grade

Featuring reading, music, and a scavenger hunt

11-11:45 – 2nd through 5th Grade

Featuring reading, an icebreaker activity, a scavenger hunt, and a dance party if we have time and interest

To protect your privacy, advance registration is required. To register and receive the Zoom link, go to

P.S. Are you wondering if your child qualifies as gender expansive? Don’t worry about fitting a precise definition – we’d love for you to join us! We use the term “gender expansive” to describe any child whose gender expression or gender identity falls outside of our society’s norms and expectations. Tomboys? Yes! Boys who love sparkles? Definitely! Kids who’ve socially transitioned? For sure! Our tent is a big, welcoming one!

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